Air Conditioning and Heating Pumps in Hamilton New Zealand

Sun 13 May 2018

Everybody desires to have a place with fresh air and proper ventilation. is one of the leading solutions to heat pumps and air conditioning for your lounge, office, bedroom, office, shop or workplace. They provide independent and local supply and installation of air conditioning and heat pump systems with advanced skills and vast experience. Established 2017, Hamilton aircons has proved to be the guru in this industry; they provide their workmanship which comes with a five-year warranty which guarantees you to even loss of refrigerant charge. 
Air conditioning and heating pumps system are usually energy efficient method when cooling, and heating is concerned. A Heat pump ensures your place is cool during the summer and warm during the winter seasons without necessary using a lot of energy which is expensive. Hamilton Aircons have vast experience that guarantees customers with tidy installations and friendly advice. 
The type of air conditioning they install ranges from Hi-walls systems which are usually mounted high on the wall, floor mounted console which is low-low level and ceiling cassette which is installed in the ceiling. They also offer onsite consultations by assessing the requirements and recommending the size plus the mode that will best fit your workplace or home thus leaving you with the quotation. So whenever you are building a new house or renovating the existing one, then it is good to contact Hamilton Aircons for perfect air conditioning systems.
When it comes to ventilation, they have HEX 390 which is a balanced pressure system which extracts air from the house and brings the cool fresh air in. The two streams pass through the heat exchanger which cools the air that comes in during the summer or hot season and warms the air during the cool or winter season. This type of system saves up to 80 percent energy compared to the previous traditional ones.